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Anagram lets you easily manage your patients’ eligibility, benefits, costs, claims, orders & more — in one place.
4.9 Star Rating
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4.9 Star Rating
4.9 Star Rating
Saying no to out-of-network patients?
Patients don't understand that out-of-network doesn’t mean out-of-benefits. Help your out-of-network patients leverage their vision insurance benefits by checking their eligibility and filing their claims.
Say yes to more revenue
Spending too much time administering insurance?
Busy practices spend as much as 80 hours each month doing admin work for vision insurances. Anagram unifies and manages your insurance billing.
I want to streamline my vision plan process
Can’t decide which vision plans to take?
We’ll help you understand your profitability with the vision plans so you can make more informed decisions.
I want to make smarter vision insurance choices
Seeing more patients yet making less profit?
To stay profitable, you have to see more patients; to see more patients, you have to hire more staff; to afford more staff, you have to see more patients, and the cycle goes on. There’s a better way. Anagram can help.
I want a better work life balance
Take care of your patients — we’ll take care of the rest.
Today’s vision plans are often a barrier for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians. Anagram is committed to empowering eye care professionals to put their patients first.
Eye care providers trust Anagram to support their private-pay businesses

Vision care revenue through Anagram

Patients helped through Anagram
Anagram is devoted to helping my practice by increasing price transparency and advocating for their client practices. They are a tremendous asset to an independent eye care practice and I strongly recommend their services to everyone.
Alan Glazier, OD, FAAO, Dipl., ABO
Newsweek's #3 "Best Optometrist of 2023"
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