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Reclaim control of your eye care practice

Unlock out-of-network benefits for your evolving private pay business. Make more money, save time, and improve your patient experience.

Why Anagram?

Out-of-network doesn't mean out-of-benefits

Vision insurance can strangle your business. Become open access and process benefits for every patient that walks through your door — no matter their insurer.

  • Cost calculator

    Simplify complicated insurance math

    With our software, you can quickly calculate how much your patient owes, and how much their vision plan reimburses.

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  • Digital claim filing

    No more paper claims or denials

    Simplify your cash-pay workflow by verifying out-of-network benefits in real-time and instantly submitting out-of-network claims online.

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  • Analytics dashboard

    Watch your cash-pay business grow

    Evaluate the health of your evolving business by tracking your cash-pay sales with intuitive analytics tools.

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We were turning patients away because we couldn't take their insurance. Once we got Anagram’s services, we have been able to truly keep almost all calls for exams or walk-ins, even with all the OON vision plans.

Annette Astuto, O.D.

Independent OD

Run your practice the way that you want

Automate all of the insurance noise — from pulling vision benefits to filing out-of-network claims — all in one place.

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