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What we're thankful for at Anagram

At Anagram we're grateful for a lot of things this year. Here are a few of them.
Published 12.31.2020

Let’s be honest: 2020 was a tough one. Not quite the year of vision we all predicted.

However, we still see so many things to be thankful for as it draws to a close. It’s helpful to look at our reasons to be grateful; especially after a year like this one. So let’s take some time to focus on the positives and highlight who and what we’re thankful for in 2020.

Our Growing Team

Having people to lean on is important. We couldn’t be prouder of the amazing humans who work at Anagram and the way they came together and were so supportive through the hard times this year.

Anagram is really nothing more than the sum of its team. We welcomed some incredible new teammates in 2020 and with them developed and launched some amazing new products for our customers. We’re excited to welcome more new team members next year!

Our Investors

It’s so essential to have people in your corner when you’re a growing startup. Especially now. Our investors believe in us, and we’re proving them right.

It’s thanks to their support that we’ve been able to continue helping eye care providers in 2020. We’re ready to keep proving them right in 2021!

Eye Care Providers

We wouldn’t be here without the ECPs working hard to provide quality care and service to their patients throughout this difficult year. So of course we want to thank them for trusting us to help them unlock out-of-network benefits for the people they serve.

When 2020 was at its hardest, ECPs and health care providers everywhere were steadfast in their efforts to help their communities. That can’t be recognized enough.

We're ready for liftoff in 2021!

We’re moving forward looking for a brighter 2021. And it’s in no small part thanks to everyone we recognized above and plenty of others as well. We appreciate that and we’re going to keep working hard next year and beyond!

Have a Happy New Year!

Jeremy Bluvol
Jeremy Bluvol, Co-founder and CEO Anagram
Just an engineer that's trying to make healthcare better

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