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How much does Anagram cost?

How much does Anagram cost? Find everything you need to know here.
Published 12.15.2020

Anagram is software that helps independent providers thrive without the constraints of managed vision care. We offer two products to help eye care professionals grow without vision plans: Anagram Access and Anagram Prosper.

Below we'll break down the pricing for each of these products:

How much does Anagram Access cost?

When you drop vision plans you need room to grow. There’s uncertainty ahead and we understand that.

That’s why we offer a number of pricing options that give you clarity about what you’re paying and when you’re paying it. We’re making sure we fit into your business plan by building flexibility and simplicity into our pricing. That way, you can focus on patient care and growing your practice.

What are pricing options for Anagram Access?

We offer several pricing options. All packages include a one-time $300 set up fee. You can choose the pricing option that works best for your practice:

Monthly pricing

6-months: $350 per month.

12-months: $300 per month.

Save with a 6-month, one-time commitment

You can save with an upfront, six-month commitment. For a one-time cost of $1,995 you get six months of Anagram Access at a 5% discount.

 Save more with a 12-month, one-time commitment

You can save even more with an upfront, 12-month commitment. For a one-time cost of $3,240 you get twelve months of Anagram Access at a 10% discount.

Anagram helps you unlock patients’ out-of-network benefits

We built our pricing to help you focus on unlocking patients’ out-of-network benefits and offering them high-quality, comprehensive care and eyewear. With a simple, flat commitment you can add unlimited patients, run unlimited eligibility checks and file unlimited claims! And at no additional cost, you can begin sending your patients rebates on independent eyewear.

The price never changes, no matter how much you grow out-of-network. You don’t have to worry about more patients or additional claims increasing the cost of Anagram. Which is great, because on average it takes just one out-of-network patient to pay for our tool!

We don’t hit you with hidden charges. And once you’ve paid your commitment we won’t ask for a percentage of your hard-earned revenue.

Choose the pricing that works for you and start prospering without vision plans.

Connor McGann
Connor McGann, Content Marketing Manager
Connor McGann is Anagram's content marketing manager. He joined Anagram in February 2020. Previously he was a finance writer and animation project manager at a marketing agency, and managed content for a live chat provider that serviced various industries including health care and plastic surgery.

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