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How much does Anagram cost?

Looking to find out more about our prices and products? Read on as we layout what our products are, how they work, and how they benefit your practice.
Published 1.23.2024

Anagram is software that helps independent providers thrive without the constraints of managed vision care. We've been building technology products to help eye care professionals grow more independently for nearly 10 years. Open Access is our flagship technology that allows your practice to identify out of network eligibility, reimbursement amounts, and file claims in our super simple software platform.

When you drop vision plans you need room and time to grow. There’s uncertainty ahead and we understand that.

That’s why we offer a number of pricing options that give you clarity about what you’re paying and when you’re paying it. We’re making sure we fit into your business plan by building flexibility and simplicity into our pricing. That way, you can focus on patient care and growing your practice.

Anagram’s mission is to enable eye care practices to better serve their patients and run a more thriving business.

We are the industry leader in vision benefit administration and help thousands of ECPs just like you become more profitable every month by simplifying and improving your insurance process.

Anagram's Products

Entry Access

If your practice is in network with every major vision plan, Entry Access software will allow you to search for and identify eligibility for all those patients all in one place.

It can be frustrating to have to visit six portals each with different passwords, searching requirements, and downtimes to wrestle with. Save time and eliminate frustration with Entry Access.

Open Access

Anagram’s flagship product allows practices to identify eligibility and benefits for out-of-network vision insurance patients, calculate reimbursements, and digitally file claims on behalf of your patients.

No more manually filing paperwork, no envelopes, no stamps; all taken care of digitally by Anagram. Patients don’t want to file their insurance paperwork, Open Access lets you make it easy.

Our latest addition to the industry’s best vision insurance software suite allows practices to search all vision insurances all at once, with a single query.

Your patients often don’t know the name of their vision plan which can lead to a frustrating and time consuming search for all parties involved. We’ve fixed that with Universal Search. Find all your patients’ benefits in seconds.


Entry Access

Entry Access can be as low as $125 per location per month. This includes Universal Search which will let you search every major vision plan simultaneously making eligibility verification faster and easier than ever before.

You can use Entry Access on a month-to-month basis, but it is a bit more expensive to do so, please schedule a time with one of our teammates to learn how.

Open Access

Open Access can be as low as $250 per month, you can also add Universal Search to amplify your Anagram account.

This product comes with a 12 month agreement, and reason for the commitment is simple: it takes time for your team to get accustomed to speaking Open Access fluently. We're going to provide your practice with the tools, talk tracks, and training to make sure you're able to convert prospects to patients and thrive more independently.

In a nutshell

We built our system to help you focus on taking care of your patients and offering them high-quality, comprehensive care and eyewear. With our simple, flat pricing you can add unlimited patients, run unlimited eligibility checks and file unlimited claims!

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Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander, Head of Growth
Steve Alexander has been in the eye care industry for over 20 years and has worn many hats including optician, ophthalmic tech, lab tech, practice manager, regional manager, operations consultant, CE certified speaker and other in both private and corporate eye care settings. Over the last 8 years, he has been consulting with practices to find ways to better understand their patients, the ecosystems in which they work, and how to create a practice of which they can be proud. For the last two years, Steve has been Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Anagram, an industry leading tech platform driving change in Eye care with the explicit focus of increasing price transparency, private pay business, and improving the lives of patients and the people who serve them.

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