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What it means: HMSA drops vision plan and brings EyeMed to Hawaii

HMSA is dropping its vision plan in favor of EyeMed. What does HMSA bringing in an outside vision plan mean for your practice and your patients?
Published 6.24.2021

Hawaii Medical Service Association is dropping its vision plan and moving its members to EyeMed. And eyecare providers are reconsidering their relationships with HMSA. The question: Is bringing in a new, outside vision plan the best thing for patients?

HMSA is the largest insurer in the state of Hawaii. As such, many residents have long relied on HMSA for both their in-network vision benefits and medical insurance. More than 50% oF Hawaiian patients have HMSA as their medical plan!

On the surface, it made sense for Hawaii providers to join HMSA’s panel of ECPs. But, managed care business priorities don’t always align with patient and provider needs.

What options do Hawaii optometrists and opticians have?

HMSA’s decision to replace its vision plan with EyeMed is creating uncomfortable situations. It's forcing Hawaii opticians, optometrists and opthomologists to confront serious questions about their businesses.

But it also opens up opportunities. Like the opportunity to see your EyeMed patients on an out-of-network basis while remaining in-network with HMSA medical. Out-of-network may seem intimidating. But that doesn't have to be the case. With Anagram you can consider yourself an “Open Access” provider. You can use Anagram to verify out-of-network benefits, submit out-of-network claims, and keep your EyeMed patients.

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Being out-of-network with EyeMed: What will change?

Should you see EyeMed members in-network? Can you avoid contracting with EyeMed without losing your patients?

Going out-of-network will change some things. The way you verify patients' benefits will be different. As will be submitting claims out-of-network. But Anagram makes it simple. It opens up opportunities to:

  • Unlock patients’ out-of-network benefits.
  • Reclaim control over how you run your business.
  • Focus more on patient care than vision plans’ requirements.
  • Remain in-network with HMSA medical and out-of-network with EyeMed vision.

Anagram helps providers remove the typical friction from the out-of-network process. This makes dropping vision plans easy for providers and patients alike. Our clients often find that because of this they’re able to keep most of their patients after going out-of-network.

Of course, you can remain in-network if you find that that’s what’s best for your patients and your practice. However, it's easy to see the switch to EyeMed and the potential for further upheaval down the line as a sign. An indication it may be best to unplug from vision plans, open access to out-of-network benefits and prosper.

Dropping vision plans can change more than submitting claims and verifying benefits. But we’re here to help you seamlessly make that transition. We’re always releasing new blogs on how to succeed out-of-network and we have plenty of partners who can assist as well (more on this below!).

And as a bonus: Other providers’ experiences going out-of-network with Anagram!

Made your decision? We can help

Going out-of-network? We can help. We’re working with our partners to offer providers guided courses on how to drop vision plans and prosper out-of-network. Sign up below to learn more:

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