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Making your frame selection work for you

The frame inventory isn’t just a significant expense in every eye care practice, it’s also a series of decisions that deserve more attention and intention.
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Published 8.16.2022

Making frame buying decisions can be confusing, time consuming, and expensive when you consider that the person taking the time to make these decisions is usually the highest paid employee in a practice. This process is made even more stressful because there are innumerable beautiful frame designs available at almost any price point you can imagine; complicated further by some frame companies’ other vested interests.

Partnerships are stronger than transactions

It’s no secret that frame companies come in all sizes and they don’t have to be part of a massive conglomerate to offer value; your inventory choices are yours, look for those partners who empower you to do what is best for your practice, your margins, your patients.

While it is true that patients will sometimes call your practice asking for brand name frames like RayBan, Oakley, Prada, Tiffany, Coach, Calvin Klein, Nike, Costa, among others, that certainly doesn’t mean that your entire inventory should be made up of brands your patients are already familiar with. It’s very much within your control to create value for your patients through the products that you carry by being knowledgeable and confident.

You can be more profitable and lower your patients’ costs at the same time which will make them more loyal to your practice, especially because your patients can get the brands they’re already familiar with almost anywhere. Carrying frames that are unique to your practice sets your business apart, creating the kind of differentiation that today’s patient is always trying to find.

The right partner

Visual Eyes Eyewear opened in 1999 with a mission: to create and provide high quality eyewear products for today's customers at the lowest price possible. To build a company that lives the golden rule, where Visual Eyes Eyewear can treat every customer the way we would want to be treated. To turn every account from a customer into a part of the Visual Eyes family.

Today, Visual Eyes Eyewear is a multi-generational family effort, something we have in common with many of our customers. At the heart of what we do is the knowledge that our work helps make our customers’ businesses more profitable, which in turn allows them to take better care of their patients and customers. We serve local, community businesses, so they can better serve their local community.

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Differentiation matters.

Customer service isn’t just the name of a department, it is critical to our family at Visual Eyes. We understand the urgency that proper patient care requires, so our phones are answered live by real people. We strive not only to ship orders on the day they are received, but to pack each box neatly to make it easier to receive. Just like your practice has that front desk team that your patients love, our customers look forward to working with us as much as we look forward to working with them.

At Visual Eyes Eyewear, we built our sourcing process from the outset to offer only quality products at the lowest possible prices by keeping our overhead low and our personal investment high. Our team listens to your needs and we go directly to our manufacturing partners to develop the best version of what you request.

We develop long term relationships with our customers and factories both of which have proven to be the foundation of our success. Through this collaborative process, we've created over 30 brands that each have a purpose and tell a story on your frame board.

Anagram customers and Spyglass readers are among the most forward thinking audience in the eye care space, we welcome the chance to show you what the family behind Visual Eyes Eyewear can do for you, your business, and your patients.

Ray Hyman
Ray Hyman, Founder, Visual Eyes Eyewear
A family frame company, making profitable eyewear more affordable since 1999. Thanks to our valued customers, we have been able to provide high quality, value priced, fashion and basic eyewear. We appreciate your support and will strive to surpass your every expectation.

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