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Published 10.4.2022

Denon Eyewear was founded by Joseph Tallier and his two children - Sophie and Julian. The inspiration for the brand was drawn from Joseph’s decades of professional experience in the industry.

The Collection

Our core collection consists of optical frames and sunglasses made from acetate, highest grade surgical steel, and titanium. The main idea behind the core collection was to combine timeless style with modern technology and sensibility.

These refreshing additions and modifications can come in the form of bold colors, intricate detailing or even the eyewear shape itself. Each frame was designed with a story - whether it was inspired by the Amalfi coast in Italy, an individual envisioned to wear it or a period in time, each design is grounded in its soul.

Our materials are sourced from Italy, Germany, and Japan and turned into a Denon frame with utmost attention to detail and precision. Apart from making the frames stylish, much of our focus is put into making them durable and practical to wear. With features like silicone nose pads, German working rivet hinges and adjustable arms, comfort is all but guaranteed.

Customer satisfaction with the product you dispense is vital to your success and is likewise pivotal to ours. Our frames are fairly priced and quality is a priority, because we see ourselves as your partners in delivering quality eye care to your patients.

Who Are We?

As a company, Denon Eyewear holds values we are extremely proud to have and share; those values drive us to offer a high quality product at a fair price, but that’s only the beginning.

By adding Sophie’s passion for marketing and design to Julian’s business-savvy and Joseph's industry expertise, we built a company that bridges the generational gap regarding style and professional practices and innovates in every aspect.

This project was conceptualized in a warm, family environment during the toughest period of the pandemic. Therefore, it prioritizes positive relationships with all stakeholders and authenticity in design and pricing.

We know that many of your businesses have gone through the same crucible we have, through the pandemic and before then as well. As you’re learning about us, we invite you to think about your values and services and ask yourself if what your practice does today aligns with what you’d like it to be doing.

Our Values

Creating a brand during a globally uncertain time helped crystallize what matters most to us at Denon Eyewear. We are an inclusive brand that promotes diversity, sustainability and honest and authentic relationships; transparency in all transactions is important to us and we have established this from the production side (with our manufacturers), internally (with our team) and externally (with all our customers).

We want all your customers and staff members to feel comfortable and proud to wear their Denons which is why we’ve created an inclusive line with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors! Empowering people and promoting their natural beauty is what you can see on our socials.

Sustainability is another extremely important part of our company. What our consumers see are their frame cases made from 100% biodegradable materials. Our factory is state of the art in that it emits less carbon dioxide and recycles its waste.

However, our sustainability effort goes way beyond conscious manufacturing processes. It means doing old things in new ways, innovating and constantly evolving.

Without revealing too much about the innovation Denon is bringing to the industry, it is safe to say we’re excited to push the boundaries the industry has been languishing in for decades and simply asking for more. Our customers, their customers, and our planet deserve more.

We’re here to give more, to be more, to be better.

Joseph Tallier
Joseph Tallier, Founder and CEO of Denon Eyewear
After two decades of building and developing global companies in the eyewear industry, I decided to take my experience in a different direction and start my own family business, an independent boutique company, that serves consumers a luxury product at an affordable price. My vision has always been to exceed industry expectations and create a more inclusive company.

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