Introducing Prosper: Offer patients instant rebates for free

Instantly generate rebates for patients on eyewear you're already selling!
Published 10.13.2021

Practice success is built by providing exceptional products and services to your patients at affordable prices. Unfortunately, in the current climate created by vision plans and amid the increasing cost of doing business, that success can be lost in the margins.

Improving your margins is key to creating opportunities for better patient care. The more you grow your margins, the less you need to rely on third-parties that chip away profit in return for patients or materials. Furthermore, the less you’re constrained by those outside forces, the more you can focus on the standard of patient care you want to provide.

Growing your margins while providing the best quality care and materials; that’s practice success. And it’s also where Anagram Prosper comes in.

What is Prosper?

To patients, Prosper is cash back quickly delivered straight to their devices. And to providers, it’s an opportunity to both simplify and lower their cost of goods while still providing industry-leading technology and growing their bottom lines.

What do you mean by ‘cash back?’

Usually, rebates sound great at first blush, but leave a lot to be desired. Between keeping receipts, sending in proof of purchase, and waiting on the mail to hopefully deliver the rebate itself, redeeming them is a hassle at best. Anagram Prosper is a new kind of patient-facing rebate.

Providers will be able to look up certain materials through Prosper to see if they qualify for a rebate. If there’s a reward available for the patient’s new eyewear, the provider simply has to enter the purchased materials and the patient’s information. Prosper will generate a rebate and deliver it to the patients’ device as a Visa gift card.

And this lowers cost of goods?

We’re negotiating savings on materials and using Prosper to pass those rebates on to patients. Providers who sign up for Prosper will receive access to these exclusive wholesale rates. Our goal is to try to negotiate the best prices available. After practices are set with their new wholesale rates they’ll have access to Prosper’s instant eyewear rebates as well.

Ok. Tell me how this Prosper works

Do you have 45 seconds to spare? Because that’s all you’ll need to deliver cash back to your patients on the independent eyewear they just picked out at your office.

Prosper is available at no cost to your practice. Once you have access to our wholesale rates, you’ll also be able to generate rebates for patients. You can deliver those rebates from the Anagram platform in seconds.

After logging in you’ll find Prosper in the left hand menu of the Anagram app. Click the Prosper icon and you’ll have three options:

  • Send a Rebate: This is where you’ll go to generate new rebates for patients. 
  • Offers: You can review all of the available rebates here.
  • Rebates: All of the rebates you’ve generated are listed here. 

In order to generate a new rebate click “Send a Rebate.” This will take you to Prosper’s primary page. After that you simply need to:

  • Select a transaction date.
  • Enter the patient's first-and-last names.
  • Enter the patient’s email address or phone number
  • Choose the frame or lens item and the purchase price.

    Prosper will automatically calculate the rebate based on the information provided. Just click “Send Rebate” and Prosper will begin verifying the information before sending the rebate to the patient’s device—no need to wait or redeem the rebate!

    Click here to start prospering !

Connor McGann
Connor McGann, Content Marketing Manager
Connor McGann is Anagram's content marketing manager. He joined Anagram in February 2020. Previously he was a finance writer and animation project manager at a marketing agency, and managed content for a live chat provider that serviced various industries including health care and plastic surgery.