Build your core principles to Level Up your business

The CEO of Gamer Advantage strives to create an environment where the team thrives and customers trust in their products and services, every day. Read on to learn how core principles set the stage for success.
Published 7.25.2023

Like many entrepreneurs, I've learned many of my business lessons the hard way; the most recent of which has been around the importance of building a strong company culture so that my team is empowered and our customers recognize the value of the products and services they receive.

To whatever extent that happens, it does so because I personally understand our core principles. What remains an opportunity for me and my organization is running ALL the aspects of the business with those core principles top of mind.

I want to emphasize the importance of living by these principles and the negative impact teammates that don't share or even understand the same values can have on any business.

Effective core principles are more than just words on paper; they are the guiding force that shapes company culture, decision-making, and overall direction. Who we are as a company and how we conduct ourselves in the face of challenges and opportunities are directly related to the understanding of our core principles; they not only provide us with a solid foundation but also serve as a compass that keeps us directionally aligned with our mission and vision.

Core Principles and Company Culture

When every member of our team embraces and lives by these principles, remarkable things happen. We create an environment where trust, collaboration, and innovation are more than just culture goals but the way we get things done. Our culture becomes the lens through which we see opportunities and what brings growth into focus.

By grounding all of our actions in our principles, we foster a culture of transparency, open communication, and mutual respect. Our shared values create a shared sense of purpose, which in turn empowers our team to go above and beyond standard performance to deliver exceptional results.

If the team doesn't work by or even understand the principles, that is likely the result of poor or unfocused leadership as it relates to company culture. Even though I personally understand the core principles by which I want our organization to work, I am guilty of not making them available and relevant to everyone on the team.

I need to do a better job of providing that clarity and emphasizing that these values are how we make decisions.

It's important to acknowledge that not everyone may share the same personal values. When teammates don't align with our core principles, it will have a detrimental effect on the team and the overall success of the business; sometimes those effects will come in small, subtle ways and other times they can be catastrophic.

Misalignment in values can lead to internal conflicts, a breakdown of trust, decreased motivation among team members, and eventually burnout and attrition. Collaboration, compromise, decision-making, and our ability to deliver on our promises as an organization are all negatively impacted by gaps in understanding around company culture.

Next steps

As leaders, it's our responsibility to address these challenges head-on. We must engage in open and honest conversations to understand the perspectives and motivations of our teammates. If it becomes clear that there is a fundamental misalignment, we need to assess whether it is possible to find common ground and move forward together or to have a more serious conversation about the continued fit of the employee and organization.

It’s vital that we maintain the integrity of our principles and the overall well-being of the team as we make these decisions. At Gamer Advantage, we value diversity of thought and respect different perspectives. More than ever, I now understand that our core principles serve as the glue that holds us together and keeps us moving in the same direction.

I commit to actively foster an environment that encourages open dialogue and the growth of shared values. This ensures that our team remains united, focused, and committed to our collective success. What will you do?

Bryan Reedy
Bryan Reedy, CEO and Founder | Gamer Advantage
Bryan Reedy is the CEO "Chief Energy Officer" and founder of Gamer Advantage, a company focused on gaming performance wellness. Bryan spent several years in eye care and finance before taking the leap as an entrepreneur.

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