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Special thanks to team TORG: Michael, Ed, and Donna! We are pleased to offer TORG members this exclusive partner program.
Published 2.1.2023

With Anagram Open Access, your practice can pull eligibility and verify in and out-of-network benefits for all major vision plans within minutes. Finally, you can know everything you need to know to provide the world-class care only your practice can deliver on a single platform. Anagram's cost calculator will help your team identify patient cost and reimbursement at the time of sale.

Standard Anagram Pricing

6 month commitment

$350 per month OR a single payment of $1,995 (5% savings)

12 month commitment

$300 per month OR a single payment of $3,240 (10% savings)

TORG Special Pricing

24 month commitment

a single payment of $4,740 (up to 44% savings)

Keep in mind that capturing just ONE patient each month more than pays for Access at full price; on average, Anagram providers generate $1,500 in NEW monthly revenue after implementing Access. That means that your first year of Anagram Access should pay for itself after your first full month of using it! Anagram has partnered with TORG to make it easy for you to build the processes and behaviors that keep your patients yours and give them easy access to their benefits while building your practice your way.

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Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander, Head of Growth
Steve Alexander has been in the eye care industry for over 20 years and has worn many hats including optician, ophthalmic tech, lab tech, practice manager, regional manager, operations consultant, CE certified speaker and other in both private and corporate eye care settings. Over the last 8 years, he has been consulting with practices to find ways to better understand their patients, the ecosystems in which they work, and how to create a practice of which they can be proud. For the last two years, Steve has been Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Anagram, an industry leading tech platform driving change in Eye care with the explicit focus of increasing price transparency, private pay business, and improving the lives of patients and the people who serve them.

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