Introducing Anagram's Prosperity Kit

We're here to support independent eye care. So when our customers asked for help marketing Anagram Prosper instant eyewear rebates, we came up with the Prosperity Kit.
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Published 5.27.2022

We understand eye care marketing is one of the trickiest parts of being an independent provider. How do you communicate what sets your practice apart? Our Prosperity Kit is a series of assets—both digital and printed—that will help you advertise your eyewear rebates to patients.

In this blog, we’ll break down what’s included in your Prosperity Kit and how you can use these assets to help patients take advantage of the eyewear rebates available to them through Prosper.

Using your digital Prosperity Kit to promote Anagram Prosper rebates

Let’s start with the digital part of your Prosperity Kit. You have the graphics we sent you, but what do you do with them?

Our digital Prosperity Kit contains two sets of three asset types. The first set consists of lifestyle photos that promote eyewear rebates. The second set contains illustrations that hype the rebates. It’s up to you to decide whether the photographs or illustrations will appeal to patients more!

Anagram Prosper graphics
An example of our social graphics you can use to promote Prosper rebates.

Each set of images contains the same three asset types:

  • Social media profile pictures that will work for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Images sized for social media posts.
  • Pictures that can be added to your website.

You can use these however you please to promote the eyewear rebates you’re offering through Prosper. For social media posts, you’ll need a post to accompany those images. Don’t worry, we have some suggestions for you right here!

Anagram Prosper graphics
An example of our social graphics you can use to promote Prosper rebates.

Prosper social media post templates

To help you use your social media post images, we’re including a few post templates below. All of the post images feature the same message: “Get your instant rebate.” The post copy is designed to add context to the image and include a call to action to draw customers to your optical. Use them as they are or add any edits you need to make them your own!

Social media post template #1

We’re helping make eyewear more affordable for you!

When you purchase qualifying eyewear at {Business Name], we’ll send you an instant rebate that you can use anywhere.

Stop by today to earn your cash-back reward!

Social media post template #2

Purchase eyewear at {Business Name} and earn rewards!

Whenever you purchase qualifying eyewear at {Business Name}, we’ll instantly send a rebate directly to you.

Stop by today to start earning your rewards!

Social media post template #3

When you shop at {Business Name] you can earn cash rewards spendable anywhere you’d like!

How? Visit our optical, purchase qualifying eyewear and we’ll send the rebate directly to your phone.

Stop by today to start earning your rewards!

Prosper Welcome Kit.png

Promoting Prosper rebates in your optical with printed advertising

In addition to digital assets, we’re also sending printed materials to help you promote Prosper eyewear rebates in your optical.

Let’s take a look at what they are and how you can use them to hype instant rebates:

Anagram Prosper window decal badge
Our Prosper window decals.

Delightful window decals

Window decals are a great way to send potential customers a message before they even enter your optical. We’ll send decal badges that give the right first impression: Get your instant rebate.

These window decal badges are a symbol that will hopefully become familiar to your patients. It means that they can earn instant rebates by shopping at your optical. We’ll continue to find new ways to use this badge to help you promote eyewear rebates at your optical.

Anagram Prosper tabletop banner
Our Prosper tabletop banner.

Tantalizing tabletop signage

Once customers enter your optical you can reinforce the window decal messaging with tabletop signage. Like the social media graphics and the window decal they send the same simple message: Shop here and earn instant rebates.

Place these tabletop banners close to your Prosper-eligible eyewear to draw shoppers to these items. These materials are appealing to customers because of the cash-back offer and offer your optical better opportunities for multiple-pair transactions. Pulling shoppers to this eyewear with a banner is a win-win for them and for your practice!

Anagram Prosper notepad
Our Prosper notepad.

Noodling and doodling notepad

Finally, when you’re describing materials to customers or breaking down costs, it’s always helpful to have a notepad nearby. Our cost calculator and the Prosper rebate calculator are great ways to show patients a full breakdown. However, sometimes scribbling out the details onto a pad helps them understand better. And it makes for a more engaging interaction between your staff and the customer.

Helping you prosper with Prosper

Our goal is to help you and your patients prosper through Prosper. We hope our Prosperity Kit gives you the marketing materials you need to start promoting eyewear rebates at your optical. Want other materials? Is there something else at your practice that would be helpful to draw consumers in? Let us know. Get in touch with your AM. We want to support you.

You can also visit “5 ways to prosper with Prosper” to learn more about how you can get the most out of our instant eyewear rebate program.

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