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Comparing Varilux and Shamir progressive lenses

Eyewear is eye care. As an eye care professional you need to ensure each patient has lenses that fit their unique needs. How do Shamir and Varilux stack up?
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Published 3.4.2022

Does superior brand equity mean superior product? Sometimes. But not always. For example, EssilorLuxottica makes some of the best known progressive lenswear. Does that mean Varilux lenses are really better? In fact, most lens vendors use similar technology in their products. What determines the best lens is your patients' unique needs. To help you find the right lens for each patient, we're comparing Varilux and Shamir progressive lenses.

Whatever your reason for researching how Shamir progressive lenses stack up against Varilux, you’ll find your answer below!

Why Shamir progressive lenses?

We love lenswear vendors that support the independent eye care community. That’s why we wanted to take a look at Shamir! They’re not like other vendors in that they don’t own labs or vision plans; Shamir is a lens tech company devoted to improving patient’s lives through state of the art lenses and treatments.

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We believe that eyewear is eye care. If patients are in lenses that don’t work for them, then they’re not receiving the right standard of care. Your patients’ eye care depends on your understanding of their lenswear. So, let’s take a look at how Shamir progressive lenses compare with Varilux lenses.

Shamir progressive lenses compared with Varilux lenswear

Comparing Varliux and Shamir progressive lenses

Like Varilux, Shamir offers a number of progressives that together fit within the good, better, best construct. Below we’ll break down which PALs are comparable and the technology that goes into them.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence compared with Varilux X Series

Shamir Autograph Intelligence

The Shamir Autograph Intelligence is Shamir’s flagship design. It’s closest comparison from Essilor is the Varilux X Series. Both product lines offer the highest levels of personalization to patients.

In addition to technologies featured in other products such as W.A.V.E. Technology (Wavefront Advanced Visual Enhancement), Varilux X Series lenswear offers Nanoptix to reduce distortion and eliminate swim. Additionally, SynchronEyes Technology calculates the left and right lens as a pair for higher clarity across both lenses.

The Shamir Autograph Intelligence is personalized based on the patient’s visual age. This refers to the physiological age of the eye. The approach contrasts with Varilux’s more traditional personalization; fitting the lenses to the features of patients’ faces.

Shamir’s flagship product also accounts for facial structure and activities. The Shamir Autograph Intelligence accomplishes this with technologies such as Natural Posture (which shifts image back to an ergonomically correct viewing angle), Intellicorridor (power optimization in specific areas to reduce head movement), and EyePoint Technology AI (simulation of the eye in every angle, prescription and field of vision for thousands of points of data).

Shamir Autograph III compared with Varliux Physio W3

Shamir Autograph III

The Shamir Autograph III was built on precise measurements from individual prescriptions and viewing field simulations in order to offer clear vision with seamless gradation across vision zones. This everyday progressive is for people who experience difficulty reading small print and focusing on near objects, as well as those who suffer from eyestrain and headaches.

The closest comparison in the Varilux product line is the Varilux Physio W3. Like the Varilux X Series, it features W.A.V.E. Technology in order to reduce distortions and blurriness. And SynchonEyes Technology gives wearers smooth transitions from near to far. However, unlike the Varilux X Series, the Varilux Physio W3 is not a bespoke lens. Neither Nanoptix Technology nor Xtend Technology, which reduces the need for head movement, are featured in the lens.

Shamir’s equivalent product is also not bespoke. But the Shamir Autograph III does feature Natural Posture ergonomic design technology to reduce head tilt. Additionally, Intellicorridor and EyePoint Technology III offer wearers clearer vision and improved visual experiences.

Patients who purchase Shamir Autograph III will enjoy improved postural comfort, seamless transitions and focus across all zones, and the benefits of digital device viewing support.

If you hear patients telling you their necks hurt or their eyes feel strained in their current progressives, recommend either the Shamir Autograph III or the Shamir Autograph Intelligence. They may notice more of a difference than they expect.

Shamir Element compared with Varilux Comfort DRx

Shamir Element

The Shamir Element is the product of Shamir’s effort to offer patients the benefits of the Shamir Autograph III in a more affordable package. The lens is for cost-conscious patients who require visual clarity and comfort throughout all zones. Among Essilor’s progressive options, the closest comparison is the Varilux Comfort DRx.

The Varilux Comfort DRx features Proprietary Essilor Digital Surface Process Control for precise digital surfacing. The full backside of the lens is digitally surfaced. The lens offers wearers Customized Near Vision, which uses the patient’s prescription to keep the head and eyes in a comfortable position while reading.

Each Shamir Element is made using Freeform Technology. The Shamir Element also includes EyePoint technology to give wearers an accurate and comfortable visual experience. The semi-finished mold is designed on the backside, but doesn’t suffer from degradations thanks to the Freeform machine.

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Offering patients Shamir progressive lenses in your optical

There are plenty of reasons to offer independent lenswear in your optical. But they all come down to this: Eyewear is eye care. The eyewear your patients purchase in your optical is as essential as anything that goes into your standard of care. Day-to-day quality of life often comes down to eyewear. So it’s important to make sure your patients have the best lenswear and frame options for their unique needs.

Cash back on Shamir lenswear through Anagram Prosper

Speaking of better experiences, Prosper is another reason to include more independent eyewear in your optical. With it you can offer your patients cash back on Shamir lens purchases; and instantly deliver those rebates straight to their devices.

With Prosper your patients get lens options and they get delightful buying experiences. The rebates are fully paid for through our partnerships and Prosper is free to join.

Are Shamir progressive lenses right for your patients? Making changes to the products you offer requires effort, but providing industry leading experiences and service is worth taking that extra step. Your patients will appreciate the clarity they get from lenses designed to fit their specific needs and the instant cash-back Prosper delivers to their devices.

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