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For the love of optical: Online buying habits and private practice

Some private practice owners seem to have trouble translating their own spending habits to their customers’ experiences. Are you one of them?
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Published 2.28.2022

Some private practice owners seem to have trouble translating their own spending habits to their customers’ experiences. Are you one of them?

Your patients buy like you do

It can be easy to forget that customer spending preferences are similar (even identical) to your own. If you could choose between fighting long lines after browsing vast retailer selections or simply making your choices and purchases online first, wouldn’t you prefer the latter? It’s the reason why curbside pickup is so big with grocery stores and electronics shops—people like to be in and out while the bulk of the browsing is done in the comfort of their home.

If you feel inclined to invest in technology to aid your personal consumer shopping, why not give your optical customers that same ease of access? Pre-selection options provide patients the ability to customize their frames at home before dropping by to pick them up within your walls. But for that sort of feature, you’ll need a modern website already set up to support it. That’s where doctors let things get tricky.

True, in the past there were a lot of challenges that held doctors back from making the jump to a digital storefront. A fancy website would normally require additional hires to build and manage, not to mention opticians had to be thoroughly trained to use it. EHRs also needed to be properly integrated or even changed out to sync up patient data. It tended to be a lot of hassle, and one small slip with the branding or web design meant your hard work might not even go anywhere.

How Optify helps bring your optical online

The good news is that these challenges are reduced to mere misconceptions in 2022. Optify (and other optical revenue-generating technology under the TechifEYE umbrella) is designed specifically to make the transition from brick-and-mortar to professional digital presence as smooth and easy as possible. We take the reins and build your optical site with all the premium features your competitors are already using (like pre-shop and automated follow-ups) in a way that remains consistent with your branding and is fully integrated with your practice’s EHR. In fact, we’ve always been extremely mindful to keep the onboarding process as straightforward as possible in order to uphold our title as “the easiest onboarding experience in optical.”

You hardly have to look up from the ophthalmoscope—we’ve got you covered.

Just ask Travis LeFevre ABOC of Krystal Vision, who saw a big improvement in his customers’ experiences after launching with Optify: “…we have people browsing and coming in and telling us how easy Optify was to use and how it looked. So overall we are stoked!”

There are major gains to be had for both your profits and your customer satisfaction by jumping into the digital race. Make the upgrade today: get online, be seen, and increase your capture rate by providing patients with the modern optical experience they’re looking for.

Optify Online
Optify Online
Optify is the optical industry’s leading omnichannel software that empowers ECPs to sell their practice’s inventory online, strengthen relationships with their patients, and maximize their revenue.

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