The coronavirus is forcing eye care professionals to run their businesses differently than they have in the past. Luckily, you can strengthen patient relationships and community ties without leaving your home.

For example: if your practice isn’t using engaging content to attract patients now is a good time to start. And if you’re already using marketing content to connect with patients, then you can use stay-at-home induced downtime to write, shoot videos and post to social media. 

Why content marketing is important in eye care

Content marketing is basically the use of engaging, helpful content to attract new patients and build stronger relationships those you already serve. Each month there are 5,400 searches including the words "eye health," according to UberSuggest. Your practice can answer those questions!

Plus, it's a great way to stay engaged with your community and keep your business running during the coronavirus pandemic.

Content can come in the form of a blog post, a YouTube video, regular social media posts—anything you can think of to establish and sustain connections between the people you care for and your practice. 

                                              Your content should be unique and compelling for your community!

What to do with this list of ideas for content creation

There’s plenty you can do with the list of 100 topics below. For example, you can add new posts to your blog or, if you don’t have one, start your brand new blog! 

Or you can post a video to Youtube to answer some of the questions below. Many of these are questions your patients are asking. Putting a face to your practice as you answer them can help bolster relationships between patients and your brand. 

The best bet for your practice depends on your team’s strengths and the sort of content you think your patients will enjoy the most. We did the research and found the eye care topics that people are researching. Now it's up to you to provide the answers and start connecting with your community!

100 content marketing topics for your eye care practice

  1. How the eye works
  2. The story of how your practice got started in your community
  3. [X] eye care mistakes you're making
  4. [X] eye care myths
  5. How to pick the right frames for your face
  6. What causes contacts to hurt?
  7. How much screen time is enough for kids?
  8. When should your child get an eye exam?
  9. What is the difference between an ophthalmologist, an optometrist and an optician?
  10. Why is it important to get regular eye exams?
  11. How contact wearers can prevent eye infections
  12. How to choose eye protection for sports
  13. Should you buy contact lenses online?
  14. How do screens affect vision?
  15. A complete guide to refractive errors
  16. What is age-related macular degeneration?
  17. What causes eye twitching?
  18. When is eye twitching serious?
  19. Are eye infections contagious?
  20. Will your eye infection heal itself?
  21. Can eye strain cause headaches?
  22. How eye pressure is measured?
  23. What is conjunctivitis?
  24. How eye prescriptions work
  25. [X] eye care habits to protect your vision
  26. How to treat dry eyes from contacts
  27. [X] frame trends for this season
  28. Can supplements improve eye health?
  29. What is diabetic retinopathy and how do you prevent it?
  30. How diet affects vision
  31. What color lens should you get?
  32. What is blue light?
  33. What are cataracts?
  34. What is cataract surgery?
  35. What is dilation and why do you need it?
  36. Do carrots really help your vision?
  37. What is a refraction test?
  38. What to expect during an eye exam
  39. How to choose an optometrist
  40. How to choose an optician
  41. How much are glasses?
  42. What is glaucoma?
  43. Does insurance cover all frames?
  44. Do you have to go to an in-network provider?/Can you go to an out-of-network provider?
  45. How to read your eyewear prescription
  46. How to safely view the solar eclipse
  47. The best glasses for gaming
  48. What are polarized lenses?
  49. How to pick the right glasses
  50. A guide to lens coatings
  51. What is vision insurance and how do you get it?
  52. What are out-of-network vision benefits?
  53. A guide to Medicaid vision benefits in [Your State]
  54. A guide to Medicare vision benefits
  55. How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?
  56. What is LASIK eye surgery?
  57. What is astigmatism?
  58. The pros and cons of daily disposable lenses
  59. Bifocal and multifocal contacts: What's the difference?
  60. [X] ways to get dry eye relief
  61. What does 20/20 vision actually mean?
  62. What is visual acuity?
  63. Can exercise impact your eyes?
  64. What does an eye chart actually measure?
  65. What is legal blindness?
  66. Can youI use your eyeglass prescription to buy over-the-counter contact lenses?
  67. How to clean contact lenses?
  68. How to clean your glasses?
  69. How often do you need to get your prescription changed?
  70. Do glasses make your eyes weaker?
  71. What is vision therapy?
  72. Can reading in the dark affect vision?
  73. Are you a candidate for laser eye correction?
  74. Choosing between glasses and contacts
  75. A guide to common eye symptoms
  76. Do eye drops have any side effects?
  77. How to strengthen a drooping eyelid
  78. What is prism correction?
  79. What to do if your glasses are uncomfortable
  80. When you should replace your lenses
  81. How to get your frames adjusted
  82. What are transition lens?
  83. How to put a contact lens in
  84. What causes bloodshot eyes?
  85. What are floaters?
  86. What is dry eye syndrome?
  87. How do UV rays affect your eyes?
  88. What is the best way to treat eye allergies?
  89. What can cause a red spot on your eye
  90. What are computer glasses?
  91. [X] signs you need new glasses
  92. [X] signs its time for an eye exam
  93. What is pink eye?
  94. Does your child need glasses?
  95. At what age can kids start wearing contacts?
  96. What exercises strengthen eye muscles?
  97. Why does reading get harder with age?
  98. What are options for digital eye strain relief?
  99. What is the difference between reading glasses and prescription glasses?
  100. What is keratoconus?

How does content fit into your practice marketing plan?

You have an audience, you have the topics; now is the time to work these content ideas into your practice marketing plan. You should choose the topics that are most relevant to your practice niche. If you focus on providing care to children then it makes sense to start with topics like screen time for kids or the right age for contacts.

Ongoing commitment to educational and engaging content for your patients and community will establish your practice as a helpful thought leader. In addition, it's another way to provide care and improve community wellness by offering advice on maintaining eye health. With coronavirus changing how practice owners run their businesses and spend their time, content opportunities might be a silver lining. The topic ideas above will help you get started.